Half Time Hero - Meatballs and Game Day Snacks With Farm Rich

“This #HalftimeHero creation is brought to you by Farm Rich. All opinions expressed are my own.”

It’s a good thing I have always loved watching Football, because my birthday has always landed on or during the weekend of the biggest football game of the year. Trevor very cleverly created a tradition of throwing me a “birthday party” that is really just game day football food with some cake. Honestly though, I love it. We always get together with a bunch of friends and all bring a ton of snacks, appetizers and eat ourselves sick. One of our favorite things to make, and the easiest thing, is some crock pot meat balls! Anything that I can easily throw in a crock pot, or the oven, with little to no prep is my kind of cooking when you have a bunch of food to make and want to spend time with your friends. 

Farm Rich has a great selection of Meatballs and they are all Gluten Free for those who need to be aware of that! I used their Original Meatballs for this recipe but you can use their Italian if it suits what your making better. They even have some Turkey Meatballs if you are wanting to be a little more health conscious. The different meats and seasonings available create a base for a variety of ways you could take this recipe! There are several different ways you can cook these Meatballs but the way we like them is to get them in the crock pot, add whatever your favorite sauce is and let them cook away! If you have been reading my blog for a long time you know we like a little spice and always use some Jamaica Me Sweet Hot and Crazy Marinade. So take whatever sauce you want to use, and set your crock pot to HIGH, cover, and heat for 3-4 hours (full bag). Grab some tooth picks and let people serve themselves throughout the game! EASY PEASY! 

While picking up the Meatballs I noticed a huge selection of Farm Rich snacks and appetizers! All great picks for a game day get together. I decided to grab some Mozzarella Sticks and Jalapeno Peppers - I mean, what doesn't scream football food more than that? haha Anything with cheese or cream cheese is a go in my book. They will be super easy to just pop in the oven and serve. When it comes to frozen foods it's comforting to know that Farm Rich is made with wholesome ingredients, are quick-frozen and carefully packaged. Check out their Game Day page for all the different options for your party prep!

In preparation for the big game Farm Rich wants to know what you favorite #HalftimeHero snack/appetizer is? Share your ideas via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag (via photos or text), and you will be entered for the chance to win year’s supply of Farm Rich snacks for all your game day needs. Good Luck and may the best team win! ;)


  1. I have never had those cheese stick things and rarely have meatballs

  2. These look and sound incredible, yum!

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